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International warranty

Warranty terms and conditions

The international warranty terms and conditions apply to watches sold worldwide.

Speake-Marin provides a two-year warranty for their models, as stated in the Certificate of Origin and Warranty provided with the watch on the day of its purchase.

Any part that is faulty due to a manufacturing defect which has been discovered and duly recorded by our technical team, shall be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Speake-Marin.

The International Warranty can only apply if the Certificate of Origin and Warranty is duly completed, signed, dated and stamped by the official Speake-Marin distributor or the retailer who sold you the watch. Any modification, transformation or alteration of the certificate shall render the latter null and void.

If the product is returned during the Warranty Period, Speake-Marin shall repair or replace the faulty watch or certain parts of the watch, free of charge and within a reasonable time after returning the watch. After the expiry of the warranty period, any repair shall be invoiced.

Warranty limits

Normal wear and ageing (e.g., glass scrapes and scratches, deterioration of the bracelet or the material and / or of the colour of the bracelet).

Deterioration of a part of watch caused by excessive or improper use, lack of care, negligence, accidents (impacts, dents, crushing, broken glass, excessive temperatures, strong magnetic fields, etc.), improper use of the watch, and also the purchaser or a third-party not following the instructions for use provided by Speake-Marin S.A.

Theft, loss, and use under extreme conditions or natural disasters.

Handling by any person other than an approved third-party (e.g., for maintenance or repairs) or the alteration of the original state of the watch not supervised by Speake-Marin S.A.

Any other claim against Speake-Marin S.A., such as deteriorations other than those defined in the present Warranty, is expressly excluded, with the exception of the mandatory statutory rights that the purchaser may have with regard to the manufacturer.

What to do

If your watch needs a maintenance operation or a repair, please give it directly to one of the official Speake-Marin distributors or retailers, along with its Certificate of Origin and Warranty. You will find the list on our website

If you live in a country not mentioned on our website, please contact our after-sales service beforehand by sending an e-mail to the following address:

All watches shall come with their Certificate of Origin and Warranty.