The movement of your watch has to be regularly maintained and checked, to ensure its reliability and accuracy. Every three to four years, we recommend having your watch checked by a watchmaker approved by Speake-Marin.


Every Speake-Marin watch has been designed to be water-resistant to 3 bars (30 metres under water), which means it can be exposed to water without any problem. However, it should not be used as a diving watch.

After every time or date setting, make sure to firmly press the crown against the case to prevent compromising the water-resistance of the watch and to ensure its proper operation.

Over time, the seals on your watch may degrade, leading to a risk of compromising its water-resistance, and have to be replaced by an approved watchmaker.


Exposing your watch to a strong magnetic field may affect the movement running or even stop it, and this will require the intervention of a watchmaker to demagnetise it.

Never place your watch on a speaker, a tablet computer or a refrigerator, because these types of devices generate strong magnetic fields.


The movement of your Speake-Marin watch has an impact-resistant system meeting Swiss and international standards. We recommend however, protecting your watch from violent impacts, jolts and crushing and avoiding its wear during activities bearing this risk.

You can swim with your water-resistant watch, but do not wear it when jumping into the water or during nautical activities, because of the high risk of impact.

Avoid exposing the watch to extreme temperatures which could damage the components of its movement.


All Speake-Marin leather bracelets are made in Switzerland following very strict standards, ensuring high quality. Selected with the utmost care, leather remains a noble, natural material however, which requires a little bit of care over time. Thus avoid exposing your leather bracelet to water for too long because this could make it brittle and even cause tearing.

It is not recommended to wear a Speake-Marin watch with a leather bracelet when playing sports, especially when swimming in seawater. If you do, make sure to rinse your watch carefully with fresh water immediately after swimming.

As far as possible, do not change your watch bracelet by yourself. Indeed, Speake-Marin watches require specific tools for changing a bracelet, and using an unsuitable tool could damage the case and the screws. Please bring or send your watch to the nearest official Speake-Marin retailer.

Deteriorations caused by a change of bracelet are not covered by our warranty.